"I love the characters here. They’re so lovable and human. Blue, so spunky and short-tempered, is a product of her environment, and she survives in it well. Robo, in contrast, is perfectly evil with a backstory complicated enough for me to feel the slightest twinge of sympathy for the Great Dane....Blue’s Prophecy is a compelling literary debut." - Catherine Boyd, book review, VOX Teen Communications


---- Profile of Emily:  “A youngster able to independently write for other kids is rare. Emmie’s understanding of character development and plot vision makes her a prodigy. I believe her name will be in lights.”  Tracy Ertl -  "Sci-Fi Book About Dogs Launches Cobb 13-year-old's Career As Author " in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

---  Emily and Shelagh Conner Shapiro chat about BP, her family, her pets, and writing, on the radio show, "Write The Book" in Burlington, VT. 

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---"Blue’s Prophecy was so much fun. If you’ve read any of the Survivors books, it’s a similar feel – dogs against the world. I loved the pack dynamics, and the way Blue really grew from a lone wolf to a pack leader. " She's All Booked

---"Blue's Prophecy is unlike any book I have ever read before, and I would have to say that I have loved every minute of it."  The Avid Reader

--- "I  was quickly pulled into this story and thought the pacing was good...I definitely want to continue with this series, and I think that this book is great for young and older readers alike. I definitely would recommend this book especially if you are a fan of stories and worlds like Erin Hunter's. For me, it had somewhat of a nostalgic feeling toward it...from a viewpoint of animals, and I loved reading books like that when I was younger, and that was a nice feeling to get from this book."  Reading for the Stars and the Moon.

​-- "This book not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. Interesting characters, complex plot, and plenty of action to keep me entertained, I loved it! I'm excited to see what else Miss Emily Ross has in store....While the cover originally grabbed my attention, this book delivers. I love animal books (The Warriors Saga, Ga'Hoole, and Redwall to name a few) so I couldn't pass this one up. I love finding diamonds in the rough, and sharing them. Blue's Prophecy is exactly that!" Adventures Thru Wonderland.

​​-- Perfect for middle grade and YA readers, and us older readers who want to go back in time and enjoy a younger read. I know I certainly did. I'm a dog lover. When I read the description, I was on board. And you will be too. If you have younger siblings, I think this is a great way to bond with them and get them into reading. It keeps your attention until the end.  Haddie's Haven. 

​-- Ross should be proud of her accomplishment and I will definitely be keeping an eye open for any future works. I will also more than likely pick up any sequel because I have gotten attached to quite a few characters in the book and I really want to know what happens next.  Booker T's Farm - Books and Nails and Puppy Dog Tails